Monday, 16 February 2009

I get this photo from the magazine of "chung hwa" Kindergarden ! Teacher choose us to shoot this photo for our school magazine
"i'm look funny" xD

Kindergarden Graduation photo

CNY 2009

Thursday, 12 February 2009

what she doing there ?

Do i get a lot of ang pao this year ? Erm..juz a little bit..Did not receive much thn last year :)

Wui Ying Open House

Grandson and grandmother
"Some of them are not at here"

China Trip

Although have sun , but it's cold

Ayako and ME

monks at Kai Yuan temple Quanzhou

QUANZHOU's famous Pagodas..


Joanne Chin , ME , Natalie Lo

XIAMEN (陈家庚) "kinda cold at there" Great wind"

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

7-16 December of 2008..i'm joining my ex school club chinese orchestra concert tour heading to CHINA..This is the first time Chinese Orchestra performances abroad..depart kota kinabalu to shenzhen in the early morning..We are arrived in shenzhen about 12 o'clock..Then we're having meal in a restaurant..after lunch our tour guide lead us to shenzhen famous "红树林" (It's kinda boring) no 1 like's there..except the old men"haha"..Tour over the whole afternoon, it's time to prepare going airport Flying to FUZHOU our 1st station..The midnight 1.00a.m arrived FUZHOU from SHENZHEN need go hotel by bus and it's taking 30min..(damn tired and sleeping inside bus forgot to bring my eye drop and feel pain with my contact lens
)..arrived hotel after arrange room get back to room settle luggage and prepare to sleep ,cz need to woke up at 6.00a.m going to settle our instrument start practise and performance soon..The rest of our concert tour are at quanzhou,putian,xiamen..(tired to repacking luggage and moves to another the other way, must do so)..Very happy to be able to meet many alumni ,we have spent good memories in china for 10days..maybe this is some of the alumni last changed to heading to abroad perform together, and maybe not.. :)

December of 2008 "CHINA concert tour"

Arrived SHENZHEN from Kota Kinabalu

The night before Christmas

We Are The Reason