May 8th-17th 2009

Monday, 18 May 2009

May 8th-17th 2009
Vera coming back 1 week for holiday. Last week what I have been busy ?Stay at home every day not more than 5 hours & rush to go out again..Clubbing, Movie, Friends House,Sing K, Yum Cha,Island,Cook for parents. Take some time to look at our crazy and funny photo ^.^

08-05-09 (Clubbing Night)
11pm went to Jugs, Shenanigan's, Barsu & Razz

09-05-09 (Olde Station & Patrick Hse)
After Olde Station, going to Patrick Hse chatting & masak maggie..hahaha

10-05-09 (Mother's Day at Mediterranean Bar & Restaurant)
Mother's Day, Went to double luck for breakfast. At the noon, Vera & me going to booking table for Mother's Day Dinner.

11-05-09 (Beach & Sing K)

After work, going to Tanjung Aru Beach 吃芒果喝遮水看日落..7pm going back home have a bath & going to "K"...

13-05-09 (Cooking Dinner & Movie)
13th is a special day for us, 1st time cook for parents :
Appetizer : Salads & Mushroom Soup
Main Course : Spaghetti & Red Wine
Dessert : Mango Yogurt Cheese Cake

14-05-09 (Cell Group & Harry Hse)

Everybody Said it's time to rest, everyday back home late and have a good rest tomorrow pulau ON, At Night Harry Come my hse cooking "Lamb Stew" & "Cabonara". 10pm we just start our dinner..XD

16-05-09 (Island, Church, Clubbing)

Today is the Last day going out,
10am Island Mamutik
8pm Church Service
11pm Shenanigan's
3pm Foh Sang
5pm Balik Rumah Tidur.....

The night before Christmas

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