June Life 2009

Monday, 1 June 2009

-Public Holiday-
30th night go "Foh Sang" eating "HarMee" with Nard,Vui Lip,Ying & Mangg..On the way to Tg.Aru, Mangg drive to another land which let other vehicles go "IN" hahaha..(Luckily no car's)

31th evening went to friend B'day party, at the night Nard, Ying, Lip, Mangg etc bought beer to my house, some of them are drunk..very lousy >< (Boom Boom Shack Shack) XD

1st of June~after sending Nard back in the early morning, go home have a bath and get to bed cause didn't sleep last night & tired like hell, wake up at 11am and go eating "sang nyuk mian" hahaha~after lunch going to 1B, Bought "KENNY G" disc.


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huh ~! nice ^^

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